We optimize a design for its intended environment. A good solution truly connects with its user. It not only provides utility, but enriches the experience by appealing to the user’s emotional and aspirational needs, congruent with his or her attitudes and lifestyle. If your vision requires it, we’ll take it a step further and incorporate the latest voice recognition and cutting-edge gesture and motion detection capabilities. Before we do anything we build a thorough ethnographic profile of the customer and the interactions with his or her natural environment. This isn’t about exact metrics. We look for a better understanding of a ‘day in the life’, accepted practices and norms; observe patterns of behavior, all to create a more compelling offer. We look far beyond the obvious pain points and strive to truly delight the customer. The resulting concepts, user personas, and experience frameworks give clear design direction to develop a successful product. From a simple software utility to complex business-to-business and industrial applications, we make it something special, a true experience that sets the tone for lifetime customer loyalty.

Concept Validation

  • Are you uncertain about your current design meeting its intended objective?
  • Do you need an independent, third party opinion?

We conduct

  • Online concept surveys
  • Online or onsite focus groups
  • Executive round-tables
  • We based usability testing

We help you analyze our findings, uncover critical insights, and draw the right conclusions. Preliminary usability tests can range from small, informal sessions to comprehensive web based customer tests using hand motion and eye tracking visualizations such as gaze plots, heat maps and gaze replays. A/B testing can be used to simultaneously test different design options with randomly selected audiences.


We use the latest ideation and prototyping tools to gradually build an information architecture around different user interaction models. For information intensive solutions, a Time Continuum Matrix™ is used to segment low to high usage functionality and incidental to continuous information availability. This provides a solid foundation for an optimal customer experience. The process is both iterative and collaborative. Interaction design will quickly evolve from early wireframes and sketches to detailed interactive prototypes that allow customer representatives to ‘touch and play’ early on in the process. We strive for solutions that ‘flow’ functionally with a touch of emotional engagement, recognizing that every product has to provide the customer a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

We make it look real very quickly using the latest prototyping tools (e.g. Justinmind). While not functioning, screens are designed to ‘simulate’ the user experience with clickable buttons, tables, and graphs. Prototyping flushes out concept errors, oversights, and usability concerns, all before a single line of software code is written.

External Review

We will work with your team, familiarize ourselves with the overall design intent and project progress, review the application design documentation (DHF).


  • You are uncertain about the product design direction, functionality, architecture, development progress, or if the design even meets its intended objective.
  • You want to prevent non-compliance issues.
  • You need an extra set of expert eyes to make sure that nothing was overlooked or just want an independent, third party opinion.
  • You’re looking for practical advice for your staff.

What you get

  • An actionable, written Design Review Report, which describes the projects progress and lists of identified potential deficiencies and recommendations, along with remediation advice, if necessary.

Quality Partners

We do not have relationships with big vendors that predetermine what we recommend. We have access to a network of carefully screened, independent professionals for short- or long-term engagements. If needed, we have development partners in the US, Ukraine, and Argentina that have a solid track record in software development. We adapt our agile process to your quality system and documentation requirements, and use a cloud based platform for project management and documentation, revision control, as well as testing and issue tracking.

Creative services

Brand Review

Good branding is not only esthetically pleasing; it instills immediate confidence in your company, products, and services. We know the secrets to creating indelible branding that will have your prospects choose you over the competition. The architecture of your brand has to be a clear expression of the ethos, soul, values, culture and personality of your company, giving your customers an easy mental and emotional link. We help you define a visual tone, complementing your message with the proper imagery. We have a global team of excellent designers that will get the essence of your company’s brand DNA and narrative and will translate its personality into everything your company touches, with a memorable visual identity and design.


Helping you get above the noise and create demand requires the merging of strategy, design excellence and the artful, balanced use of both old and new media. We will develop a comprehensive market entry and growth plan that will include a market background, target audience matrix, product and branding recommendations, positioning and messaging, a competitive analysis, market entry and demand generation options, and a pro-forma P&L.

We take a pragmatic approach to drive maximum impact through innovative digital, social, print, mobile, TV, event, and hyper-local marketing campaigns. We set clear objectives that produce measurable results and engage the best creative talent at negotiated, affordable rates. We assure that the executions ‘pop’, engage, tell a story, fascinate, but more than anything, spur your growth. We pride ourselves on developing high impact campaigns with above industry response rates for any budget. We make every dollar count.
We can be the voice to your industry’s in-country media, delivering on-target coverage through methodical media planning and execution. We aggressively solicit editorial opportunities that meet your target audience’s interests and information needs.


We have experience with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, QSR 21 CFR 820, IEC 62366 (usability/Human factors), IEC 62304, IEC 60601, IEC 81001 (software), and IEC 62304, IEC 81001 (SDLC for safety and cyber security).