Sample Work

Mirth Corporation

Strategy Brief

MirthConnect is the leading open source, cross-platform middleware engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications across multiple environments. Mirth Corporation (now part of NextGen Healthcare)  engaged AERTWORKS to explore market expansion opportunities for its technology in the clinical diagnostics space.

Transition Network

Strategy Review

Transition Network Inc has long been recognized as the industry leading provider of media converters for the telecom market. With rapid changes in the industry, Transition Networks engaged AERTWORKS to conduct an external strategy evaluation. Since, Transition Network has expanded its offering of smart, integrated networking solutions to include switches, network adapters and optical devices.

Bio-Rad Labs

Strategy Brief

Comprehensive review of the 2017 state of informatics in IVD (clinical diagnostics), as well as emerging technologies and standards.

Bio-Rad is a leading in-vitro diagnostics supplier, delivering a large portfolio of innovative products to clinical laboratories worldwide. Bio-Rad is the global leader in clinical quality control products, services, and information systems.


Launch Strategy

SIMSOLID™ developed a cloud based service for structural analysis and simulation of large CAD assemblies and complex part geometry, without the need for geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming, and error prone tasks done in traditional FEA. SIMSOLID allows for quick model optimization and preparation. To launch SIMSOLID™ they needed a secure customer engagement program for beta registration and program management. The architecture had to allow for a transition to a full operational website with integrated lead, support, press, blog, and news management. The project also included the development of the companies brand DNA (including the logo).


Customer Engagement Strategy

MacDougalls’ ( is a prestigious yachting center and marina servicing Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. This project not only entailed the redesign and development of MacDougalls’ online presence, but also its branding, positioning, and messaging. The website also hosts a large online gallery and e-Store of historical and contemporary yachting photography, including of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, aerials, and member activities of the Edgartown Yacht Club.

KOVA International

Customer Engagement Strategy

KOVA International’s ( new customer engagement platform was built using responsive design technology, allowing customers to access it from a desktop, smart phone, or tablet. It features an interactive product catalog with convenient links to relevant regulatory and safety documents, as well as electronic value sheets for KOVA’s renowned urinalysis control products. Also new are reference materials related to urinalysis for laboratory professionals, clinicians, and patients. Build around WordPress and WooCommerce, it also provides several new back office functions such as distributor and partner management, job postings, newsletter management, and is provisioned for future eCommerce expansion.

Brass Ring
Spirit Brands

Portal Architecture

Brass Ring Spirit Brands ( is a fast growing US based spirits group. They produce, distribute, and market fine craft spirit brands. We developed and implemented a standard brand portal architecture with social media integration, age verification, and other compliance requirements that can easily be replicated to launch additional brands.

Bio-Rad Labs

Unity Interlaboratory Program

Unity processes monthly peer group reports for clinical diagnostics laboratories worldwide. The old system was running on an aging HP RP8400 running HP-UX and Informix. Monthly report processing was taking more than ten days and was prone to frequent failures.

A new system was designed and developed using a SUSE Linux cluster of Dell servers with a fiber channel disk array. The system was re-architected based on a hybrid object relational database and a Microsoft .Net based web interface. The resulting system allowed for a complete data set to be processed in less than three hours -an 80x performance gain- and continues to scale to this date, serving more than 22,000 laboratories in 93 countries. Through its advanced functionality, ease of use, and robust performance, Unity remains the benchmark for interlaboratory comparison in the IVD industry. Laboratories can use desktop software or the SaaS UnityWeb to submit and manage their data.

To accelerate software development while maintaining regulatory compliance, we migrated the process from a traditional waterfall method to a hybrid agile process, with updated processes, workflows, development tools, as well as the institution of cross-functional productization teams.

Bio-Rad Labs

QCNet™ was initially just an online conduit for laboratory customers to retrieve their QC and Proficiency Testing reports. With a guaranteed captive global audience of monthly visitors, it made sense to evolve QCNet into a more comprehensive customer engagement platform with additional services, newsfeeds, and educational materials. To contain cost, the entire platform was built around DotNetNuke and Moodle, an Open Source platform used by some of the world’s most prominent universities and educational institutions. Today is recognized in the IVD industry as the premier portal for everything QC.

IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium

Standards Development

Serge Jonnaert is currently President of the IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium (, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and encouraging adoption of a unified connectivity standard to reduce the cost and variability of data exchange between instruments, middleware, LIS, and LAS systems in clinical diagnostics laboratories.



Chapoo is a cloud based solution for secure intra- and inter-company document and design control. It tells you exactly who reviewed, annotated, and signed off on what, when, and why. It can handle large CAD files and all related project documents with customizable workflows, role based or named access, document version history, and detailed audit trails. With a unified project view that can include external customers, designers, architects, engineers, contract manufacturers, and suppliers, Chapoo reduces project risks and streamlines processes, especially in highly regulated environments such as medical devices, pharma, aerospace, and energy, oil & gas.



BricsCAD has received critical acclaim for its advanced functionality, 100% 2D/3D DWG compatibility, better user experience with the Artificial Intelligence enhanced QUAD cursor, much lower cost, perpetual licenses instead of subscriptions, and exceptional global customer support. Engineering and design firms are moving to BricsCAD because of its extensive API support and the rapidly growing number of third party developers (1,200+) with solutions for mechanical, structural, AEC, civil, GIS, surveying, HVAC, MEP, landscape, structural, and packaging design, as well as highly specialized vertical applications.