AERTWORKS® is a successful, global advisory that helps technology companies develop and execute strategies for innovation, growth, transformation, and exit. We focus on unlocking and maximizing your company’s growth and profitability, talent utilization, and innovation, ultimately staging you for an optimal exit. We can assist you on your entire journey, from early ideation and concept validation, through productization, market launch, global expansion, and ultimately positioning and offering your company for sale.

Serge Jonnaert

Serge Jonnaert – Managing Director

With more than 37 years of experience as a technology executive, founder and co-founder; two exits, and many mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, divestitures, and spin-outs, Serge Jonnaert is a trusted advisor to CEOs, Board of Directors, Private Equity, Family Offices, and Venture Capital firms. He has a unique approach to strategy development and creative ideation, especially for initiatives that demand a future world understanding of technology; that cross industries, cultures, and vast global regions. He is polished presenter, negotiator, and communicator in four languages. He has extensive experience with enterprise, cloud, desktop, mobile, IoT, A.I., and interoperability solutions, and has a strong process and operational background, especially in highly regulated environments.

Serge has a successful track record of negotiating global distribution, partnership, consortium, government, and M&A deals. While at Corum Group, he successfully facilitated 14 transactions over five years, assuring high valuations and a flawless execution. He was awarded ‘Top Producer’ for 2023.

He is married, father of two, grandfather of two, an avid world traveler, mountain hiker, and surfer.

Three Decades of Software Successes

Fresh out of industrial design school, Serge Jonnaert started marketing the first PC-based CAD software solutions that featured a true graphical user interface in a world still dominated by mainframes and minicomputers. In 1988, Mr. Jonnaert joined New Image Industries, a Canoga Park, CA based company that pioneered turnkey imaging systems for hairdressers and landscape designers. In 1989 he joined 5D Systems, Canada’s largest government supplier of CAD and imaging systems with a special focus on defense, intelligence, museum and library collection management solutions. In 1993 he joined ATI Technologies Inc (now AMD) as Group Manager, with full P&L responsibility for its $180M graphics accelerator, and was instrumental in the development and launch of the very successful mach64 series. In 1995, he joined Visual Software, maker of popular 3D rendering and animation software such as Simply 3D, Renderize, and Visual Reality 2.0. Following some adventures in the ‘.com’ space and as part of an acquisition, he joined Moldflow Corporation (now part of Autodesk), the market leader in analysis, simulation, and control solutions for the plastics industry. In 2004 he moved to the medical device space. There, he was exposed to the stringent design and quality management requirements of highly regulated environments. In 2013, Serge Jonnaert started CADREBEL (now AERTWORKS) with the intent of offering desktop, mobile, and cloud-based solutions for innovation and design management in regulated industries, including medical devices, pharma, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, oil, and gas. AERTWORKS has since evolved into a full CEO and M&A advisory.