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“A spark of inspiration started my business. Through hard work, dedication, ambition, and the right advise, it became a global success. With a sense of accomplishment and pride, it is now time to sell and enjoy the better things in life.
A legacy of success, a new journey ahead…”

From idea to exit

We are a successful, global advisory that helps technology companies develop and execute strategies for innovation, growth, transformation, and exit. With more than 37 years of experience, we focus on unlocking and maximizing your company’s growth and profitability, talent utilization, and innovation, ultimately staging you for an optimal exit.

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What people say

Timothy L. Triplett

CEO, Sacks Parente Golf

”I have worked with Serge for so long, I can’t remember when it all started. He has been an employee, an advisor to me, a source for great insight, a service provider to businesses I am involved with, and he mostly is a great friend. You cannot do better than Serge. He has my utmost respect and confidence and I heartily recommend him.”

Timothy Grovenburg

Venture Investments & Acquisitions, Cisco

“Dedicated. Clever. Intelligent. Creative. Serge is the kind of person you want on your team. He inspires action by putting forth actionable, well thought out solutions and drives hard to see them through the finish line. I have been fortunate to partner with Serge on a range of projects across digital, branding, point of sale, and several other sales/marketing areas. He brings it every day.”

Wally Lee

CIO, Kova International Inc

”His past leadership experience in delivering on complex software projects makes him a great asset to any project. I highly recommend Serge for leading any major projects at any type of enterprise.”

Tony Schreiner

Office of the CTO, McAfee

”Serge displayed a passion for excellence coupled with a strong understanding of market needs and key business trends. He always had the heartbeat of the industry at his fingertips. I highly recommend Serge in all business-development and business-management capacities.”

Alex Eckelberry

CEO, PropLogix

“Serge is a very smart, very dynamic individual who has a broad knowledge of technology marketing, combined with a talent for working with others in a team environment. He also has a strong international background which can prove invaluable for an organization looking for a global reach.”

Kevin Bromber

Founder & CEO, myDevices

”Serge is a highly detailed professional who excels at everything he does. He is an effective communicator and a pleasure to work with.”

Dawn Rogers

Chief Legal Officer, Veracode

”Serge immediately made an impact in the direction of marketing. He not only updated the look and feel of the brand of the existing units of business, but immediately worked to integrate the acquired business product lines into the brand, which was not an easy task.”

Barry Levenson

CEO, LK Secured Lending

“Serge was terrific to work with, bright, a strong work ethic, got along well with everyone, and completely understands marketing, both the creative and the quantitative sides.”

Scott Footlik

VP Customer Success, BrightWork

”I have had the privilege to work with Serge on several strategic marketing and business development projects over the past fifteen years. He is consummate professional and innovator. His skills as an executive were the key success factor with all our projects that we worked together on.”

Rob Patton

VP, Enterprise Architecture, Sony Pictures Entertainment

”Serge has a warm personality and a great talent for international business development. I recommend Serge to any company who is building a management team with smart, effective and adaptive people.”

Anthony Gioeli

VP Marketing, Superior Sensor Technology

“I enjoyed working with Serge as he is a very creative individual with lots of positive energy. His efforts really helped to distinguish our product lines.”

Sev Sadura

VP Product Management, PPC Broadband

”Serge conducted an external strategy evaluation for Transition Networks to bolster the company’s ability to adapt to rapid changes in the market. He was able to identify key areas of improvement, and made excellent recommendations on how to address them, supported by well researched data.”

Sonal Pandya

Senior Manager, Samsung

”His vision and forward thinking is worth appreciating. Serge has always looked at innovative ways to drive solutions which are greatly valuable. He brings tremendous energy in the team and is great to work with. His passion is infectious and is great source of inspiration.”

Hui Yeow Goh | RIP

Director BD, Biolidics Ltd

“When we were working together in building business strategy to grow Asia Pacific business with focus on China and India, he was able to interpret complex issues and present them in a concise and sharp manner for all to understand clearly. Serge is well suited to manage the complexity in international business development. I appreciate my opportunities to work with him.”

Theresa Levinski

International Region Leader, College of American Pathologists

”What impressed me most was Serge’s innate ability to quickly grasp new and changing industry, market, and global business opportunities; leverage and project core competencies; and create innovative strategies and marketing concepts into value driven, profitable growth. His astute guidance, creativity, and support, in particular with international projects, enabled me to secure, execute, and sustain key initiatives with the top clinical diagnostic companies, informatics providers, and healthcare organizations.”