Smart Architects BIM in .DWG

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While Revit has been a tremendous success for Autodesk in the AEC space, it has also in many ways disenfranchised its own traditional AutoCAD AEC users. Much revolves around the core file format. AutoCAD was built around .DWG, the ubiquitous file format used by more than 12 Million licensed (60M+ if you include pirated) architectural, design, engineering, and detailing users. Can any company afford to ignore such an install base? ...

NEW | Inside BricsCAD V17

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Now available for download - Free eBook "Inside BricsCAD" (PDF - 330 pages), written by Ralph Grabowski, updated to include the new BricsCAD V17 features. Learn how to create drawings with BricsCAD in as little as a day! The more advanced chapters in the book cover topics like modeling 2D regions & booleans and 3D direct modeling. You will discover how dimensional and geometric constraints speed up your design process. ...

BricsCAD for AutoCAD users free ebook

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Anything you need to know about what's different and what's the same between the newest releases of BricsCAD® and AutoCAD® Get your free copy To try BricsCAD free for 30 Days     Click Here   For more information call 949.259.3807 or [ultimate_modal modal_title="Submit Your Question Online" btn_size="md" btn_txt_color="#ffffff" btn_text="Submit Your Question Online"]Error: Contact form not found.[/ultimate_modal]

NEW | Spatial Manager™ 3.3

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FOR BRICSCAD & AUTOCAD The new Spatial Manager™ 3.3 introduces several new features including exporting the current map status to Google Earth, the ability to take static “snapshots” of the Background Maps, and selecting objects by simple or compound queries in CAD, smart labels for linear objects, and more. Watch this short Spatial Manager™ 3.3 introduction video: New Features Export the current status of the drawing or map to Google Earth Visible layers ...

BricsCAD V17 introduces new functionality for 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, and Building Information Modeling

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The new BricsCAD V17 brings the power of Building Information Modeling to the .DWG world. Create intuitively without limitation as you would do in SketchUp – but be faster and more precise. BricsCAD BIM combines in one product the most advanced 3D sketch modeler with full IFC certified BIM functionality. It allows you to work through all the typical design stages without leaving the .DWG platform. Gent, Belgium: November 2, ...

What’s Inside the Upcoming BricsCAD V17 Release?

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BRICSYS previews new 2D/3D DWG functionality in BricsCAD® V17, BIM for BricsCAD® (Building Information Modeling), and industry leading Sheet Metal for BricsCAD®  at its BIC Conference in Munich, Germany. With the BMW Welt grand auditorium in Munich filled to the walls with BricsCAD synergy partners, application developers, and strategic customers, BRICSYS highlighted what's coming in the November V17 release of BricsCAD.   New and improved 2D and 3D features in ...

Geo-location of addresses in AutoCAD and BricsCAD using Google Maps APIs

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Here's how you add list of addresses as points (Blocks) on an existing AutoCAD or BricsCAD citydrawing using Google Maps APIs for geo-location. The process is also supported by a small application developed using VBA in Excel and applying these APIs to get the Latitude and Longitude from the list of addresses. The process works as follows: Excel In the first three columns the user can enter the name of the Street, the ...

OpenStreetMap “classic look” in AutoCAD and BricsCAD

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Although the ‘Spatial Manager’ applications include many Background map models that can be chosen directly when you need to display them, you may be interested in access to many others maps available around the world. The “classic look” map of OpenStreetMap cannot be freely distributed within an app but you will see in this example how it can be configured in ‘Spatial Manager’. Spatial Manager allows you to set up any “User map” in a simple and easy way. You only need ...

Moving smoothly from CAD to BIM

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Moving from CAD to BIM can be smooth, affordable, user-friendly and within the same environment and the same file format you already use. No need to start from scratch. In the construction industry, design teams and CAD users from all over the world know that, sooner or later, they will have to move from CAD to BIM (Building Information Modeling). Many countries have already adopted a national strategy to implement ...

LVD includes BricsCAD Sheet Metal in new CADMAN-SDI module

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CADMAN-SDI simplifies 2D and 3D CAD file import and calculation of cost drivers. CADMAN-SDI now includes BricsCAD® Sheet Metal, a robust 3D direct modeling CAD package. BricsCAD allows the 3D drawing to be reviewed in detail, modified or corrected as required. LVD Company nv has added a new module to its CADMAN® Suite of programming and shop management software. CADMAN-SDI (Smart Drawing Importer) simplifies 2D and 3D CAD file import ...