Interoperability is the capability of systems to communicate with one another and to exchange and use information including content, format, and semantics. This usually implies both syntactic interoperability where specified data formats (standards) and communication protocols are used, and semantic interoperability, the ability to interpret the exchanged information, assuring meaningful, accurate, and useful data that maintain maximum fidelity to their origin. Assuring interoperability is key in every product design, from its own interfaces to the actual files used for its design and analysis during concepting and productization.

We have thirty years of experience with various aspects of interoperability. Whether you need advice on which interoperability standard to adopt in your products, to design, implementation, testing and certification.

Our specialty areas:

CAD/CAE Interoperability

In design and engineering, interoperability means the ability to maintain the structure and integrity of the representative data, whether that is complex geometries and interrelated assemblies or analysis data. We’ve been involved with CAD/CAD interoperability since 1986, including the development and commercialization of popular CAD and image file conversion tools such as HiJaak Pro. We can help you optimize your workflows in multi or partial legacy solution environments, convert old data, or just assure bi-directional cross-platform interoperability.

BIM Interoperability

While market leader Autodesk would have you believe that its proprietary Revit file format is the industry standard for Building Information Modeling (BIM), the global ISO 16739 standard is actually the IFC file format (or Industry Foundation Classes), developed and maintained by buildingSMART International, and now recommended as an open standard by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and mandated by the U.S. General Services Administration. With a still growing global ecosystem of an estimated 70M+ architectural, design, engineering, and detailing designers that continue to work with the ubiquitous .DWG format we can help you select and implement the tools that will not only improve your productivity and enhance your creative expression, but will also assure file interoperability with all your customers, suppliers, and industry partners.

Healthcare Interoperability

The media is abuzz about healthcare interoperability. Unfortunately, what is lacking is a clear overview of all the current and planned interoperability standards in each of the functional areas of healthcare, and how they all fit together into one big, harmonized eco-system. We can help. We understand healthcare interoperability to the nth degree of detail and can help you with standards adoption in product planning and design. We collaborate closely with industry groups such as IHE, CLSI, CAP, HIMSS, and smaller standards workgroups.

Serge Jonnaert is President of the IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium (, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and encouraging the adoption of unified heathcare connectivity standards in clinical diagnostics, a former Board Member of IHE International (, and  a member of the FDA Digital Health Unit SHIELD Work Group.