Strategy Facilitation

We offer innovation and design management strategy facilitation and workshops. We combine highly creative ideation and design thinking with disciplined business analysis to help you transform the way your organization develops its next product, service, strategy, or process. Our workshops are very interactive and can include case-study components presented by  you or your team.

The sessions can be conducted in English, Dutch, French and German.

Bruce Blackwood, President and General Manager


“Aertworks was instrumental in the development of Suttle’s “Intelligent Home, Securely Connected.” market strategy. Aertworks was very well researched, very thorough, and connected well with the company’s resources in Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Engineering, and Operations. The end result is that the company is well positioned to leverage it’s long history and strong brand as a disruptive force in the market, and go solve real-world problems for our customers.”

Sev Sadura, General Manager

Transition Networks

“Aertworks® conducted an external strategy evaluation for Transition Networks to bolster the company’s ability to adapt to rapid changes in the market. They were able to identify key areas of improvement, and made excellent recommendations on how to address them, supported by well researched data.”

Marc Traverson, Executive Coach

Paris, France

“An interesting experience because of the multi-cultural context. The work session was stimulating and opened new horizons on how to work both creatively and disciplined.”

Strategize under the Sun

There is no place in the world more conducive to creative flow than Southern California. Its majestic seaside setting provides a backdrop of inspiration, serenity, and beauty. Step away from the office for a couple of days and come and work with us here. Southern Orange County features some of the best properties for executive offsites and workshops.

Give us your strategic challenges; we’ll conduct the research and prepare a meeting that will guide you -and your team- through a creative, critical, divergent thinking process that will deliver meaningful results. Leave with a new vision, new product or service ideas, a solution, or just a path forward.

Here’s a small selection of recommended facilities:


Visioning Workshop 2 days

We have a well-defined, proprietary process that takes a holistic view of the purpose and intended environment of your idea and translates it into a tangible solution that can be developed into a commercial offering. We explore those elusive “white spaces” of new opportunity. We dig deeper to identify the true functional and emotive needs of your customers, internal and external. We then help you build a narrative around your concept that evokes real fascination. When ready, we coach you on how to ‘sell’ your idea, build a captivating and compelling presentation, and show you how to overcome organizational resistance. We use the latest in collaborative technology to facilitate ideation sessions, on-site or on-line. We keep the group engaged and use advanced visualization tools to show rapid and continuous progress.

What you get
  • Coaching and facilitation of a two day engaging Visioning Workshop
  • A report with observations, notes and recommendations.

Customer Journey Workshop 2 days

  • Your customers’ wants and needs are changing
  • You need to reassess how to truly ‘delight’ the customer
  • You want to attract new customers in other markets

We capture the essence of your customer’s worst and best ‘day in the life’, their needs, pains and frustrations, their lifestyles and unique behaviors, as well as what gets them excited. We evaluate competitive solutions, customer likes and dislikes. We conduct what is called ethnographic research. We qualify the interpretations of our findings with surveys, in person or online. We build a psychographic profile that not only helps you define a better offering, but also how to create the necessary appeal. We understand your customers, from the cautious conservative to the hip and wild, from the aspirational to the social butterfly. We help you build custom psychographic profiles that become the real foundation to your marketing strategy and will assure that everything from product features, to color, form, and messaging will resonate.

What you get

An actionable, written report, relevant to your market and product strategy, with psychographic profiles, ethnographic observations, visual documentation of interviews and product interactions, survey data to validate our findings, as well recommended do’s and don’ts as it relates to your product and target audience.

Facilitated Requirements Development Workshop 4 days

Designing meaningful customer experiences require a holistic, simultaneous approach to the design of the information architecture, visual design, and underlying technical architectures. We help you refine your ideas, taking things down to their pure essence and synthesizing great new concepts through facilitated divergent thinking. We work with your team to carefully evaluate constraints, build a time continuum of use, define personas for the intended customers, and gradually bring concepts into focus.

What you get
  • Coaching and facilitation of a four day engaging Requirements Development Workshop
  • A solid requirements framework, the foundation from where a more detailed MRD/PRD can be developed.
  • Visual documentation of the initial concepts generated during the workshop, a report with observations, notes and recommendations

For IVD, medical device, and aerospace companies, while we prefer and advocate a hybrid agile methodology, we will execute and document our engagements to your quality system requirements.

For government departments, our services are available through the Federal Micro Purchases Program 079084188 / Cage# 6XZG7