AERTWORKS Becomes Reseller in the USA for ARES CAD Software

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Graebert ARES Graebert ARES Desktop CAD Cloud CAD Mobile CAD Buy It Joint Press Release – January 2022 Leading alternative for .DWG CAD with second-largest installed base after AutoCAD® Graebert’s Trinity concept enables CAD software users to create and modify DWG drawings on desktop, mobile, and cloud platforms Aertworks discontinued its US distribution of BricsCAD® in favor of ARES CAD Enjoy ARES Trinity for 9 years for a cost comparable ...

Bricsys announces BricsCAD® V21

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Graebert ARES Graebert ARES Desktop CAD Cloud CAD Mobile CAD Buy It More speed, power, flexibility and performance In this latest release, BricsCAD® V21 dramatically boosts CAD software performance and delivers extensive in-product collaboration capabilities. Jan Jolly, BricsCAD Product Owner, commented: "I believe that BricsCAD V21 shows how we keep investing in both 2D and 3D workflows. We constantly refactor and enhance existing commands, and work hard to add time-saving ...
Spatial Manager 6.2

Spatial Manager V6.2 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Spatial Manager v6.2. Besides including the one-step transformation of the drawing’s Coordinate System, one of the most demanded functions by the users, it will allow you to work with GeoPackage files and many more. And the CAD version is fully compatible with BricsCAD 20. The following are the main news that you will find in Spatial Manager v6.2 What's new in Spatial ...
BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, and BricsCAD Mechanical Now Available on GSA Advantage

BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, and BricsCAD Mechanical
are now available on GSA Advantage

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We are excited to announce that BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, and BricsCAD Mechanical are now available for purchase through the U.S. General Services Administration and the GSA Advantage website (GSA contract GS35F381GA / CAGE: 6XZG7). U.S. government agencies can now easily and conveniently order BricsCAD using the GSA preapproved, online procurement process. BricsCAD has evolved in recent years into the most advanced .dwg based CAD platform for 2D, 3D, BIM, ...

The High Cost of ACAD Abandoning Network Licenses

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Did you receive a notice from Autodesk that after August 7, 2020 AutoCAD network licenses and maintenance for perpetual licences will be discontinued? Autodesk is transitioning entirely to a licensing scheme of individually named users that must maintain an online subscription rather than using a network license or perpetual serial number. This change means that maintenance plans on perpetual licenses and network licensing (FlexLM) will no longer be supported. ...

NEW – Spatial Manager 6.0 for BricsCAD V20

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'Spatial Manager for BricsCAD' version 6 has just been released. In addition to the compatibility with BricsCAD 20, you will find many improvements and new features in this version, such as the new Terrains commands. Main new features included in version :   Terrains (Related video). As an extension of the dynamic Background Maps technology, now you can: Get 3D Points from elevation services in any region of the earth ...

BricsCAD® V20 shapes the ultimate workflow for general drafting, mechanical design, and BIM

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Graebert ARES Graebert ARES Desktop CAD Cloud CAD Mobile CAD Buy It Introducing the latest release from the global leader in .dwg-based CAD solutions. Gent, Belgium - 28 October 2019 Enhanced by new productivity tools and AI-driven workflows, BricsCAD® V20 delivers an ultimate workflow for general drafting, mechanical design, and Building Information Modeling. Serving multiple vertical markets via one best-in-class platform, with one DWG-based foundation, is what BricsCAD® does best. ...

BricsCAD V19 Is Here!

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The latest release of the world’s best .dwg-based CAD system is available now The future of the .dwg format is secure with the release of the BricsCAD® V19. V19 extends BricsCAD’s familiar, cost-effective workflows for general drafting, mechanical design and Building Information Modeling. All of these workflows are now available in a single product family. There are hundreds of new features, workflow improvements and fixes in this new, major version of ...

BricsCAD V18 – The All-in-One Solution for General Design, BIM and Mechanical

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The world’s best CAD system just got better with the release of BricsCAD V18. Bricsys represents the future of the .dwg format, with comprehensive workflows for general design, mechanical design and BIM. Here’s the best part - all of these workflows are available in one product, based on .dwg - the industry standard file format. More importantly, we’re extending the .dwg format with the first fundamental change in .dwg technology ...

CADPower V18 expands indispensable
functionality for .DWG based CAD

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CADPower is the indispensable productivity tool for every BricsCAD and AutoCAD user. It provides you with over 250+ valuable LISP routines to super-charge your productivity. What’s new in CADPower V18? Enhanced Command: CP_XTRACT (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> First Set -> Extract from Xref): The CP_XTRACT command is used to extract entities from within a block or an XREF object. This command has been enhanced and improved significantly. ...