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ARES Touch is the most complete Mobile CAD solution ever seen for Android and iOS. Create and modify your DWG drawings on tablets and smart phones with a complete set of 2D drafting and annotation commands at hand. In addition to the editing features, you can share feedback from the field with markups, comments, pictures or voice recordings inserted in the drawing. With the FREESKETCH command you can also redline or comment on drawings with your fingers like a pen on paper.

To try ARES Touch, activate the 30-day trial of ARES Commander and use your same Graebert login credentials on ARES Touch.

Available for Andriod and iOS

What is Mobile CAD improving for your DWG files?

Top 5 use cases for ARES Touch include: technical surveys, onsite inspections & maintenance, coordinate execution of a project on the field, meet customers and discuss the project, facility management.

  • View, annotate and modify DWG files on the go.
  • Field workers always work with latest version as drawing updates are synchronized in real-time
  • Collaboration features: Share feedback with design team using comments & markups with voice, pictures or stamps

ARES Touch is included in Trinity licenses of ARES Commander or sold standalone on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Mobile CAD on Smartphones and Tablets

With ARES Touch on your smartphone or tablet you can read a DWG file you just received by email or access your drawings saved in the cloud. ARES Touch makes it easy for you to share feedback with the office with dimensions, pictures taken from your camera or by recording your voice. We built an intuitive touch user interface to become the natural extension of your favorite CAD software. It has been redesigned for touch but is very intuitive for any CAD user.

Access DWG Files from the Cloud or Locally

Your files can easily be synchronized with common cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box, iCloud or Google Drive & OneDrive. While these files are synchronized with the cloud you can still “Take them for offline use” if you anticipate you may not have constant Internet access. Alternatively, you can save them locally on the device. This may be important for example if your company has strict policies forbidding the use of cloud storage services.

A Complete Set of 2D Drafting Tools

The most complete CAD app ever seen for mobile. Get all the power to create and modify your drawings on the go. Discover how the loupe, entity snap, tracking and coordinates input help you to draw with the same precision as on the computers.

Annotate Drawings with Pictures or Voice

Comment your drawings with pictures taken from the camera of your mobile device and text legends. Record your voice and insert it as a comment in the drawing to share feedback or highlight something. These comments will be synchronized with the drawing and appear with clickable symbols. They are automatically inserted on a specific layer that can be therefore shown or hidden as needed.

Annotate Drawings with Dimensions or Text

ARES Touch includes a full set of dimensioning tools. Unlike on printed papers or PDF files, it makes it easy to measure distances, angles or simply annotate drawings.

Use FREESKETCH to Annotate or Write with your Finger

With FREESKETCH you can redline something or write with your finger. It is just like if you had printed the drawing and were using a pen. This feature makes it very easy to share feedback on the go without any CAD knowledge: Just launch the command, pick a color and write or sketch something.

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