Spatial Manager 6.2

Spatial Manager V6.2 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Spatial Manager v6.2. Besides including the one-step transformation of the drawing’s Coordinate System, one of the most demanded functions by the users, it will allow you to work with GeoPackage files and many more. And the CAD version is fully compatible with BricsCAD 20. The following are the main news that you will find in Spatial Manager v6.2

What’s new in Spatial Manager for BricsCAD V6.2

Transform the drawing Coordinate Reference System (CRS). New SPMTRANSFORMCRS command, which automatically creates a new drawing including geometrically regenerated objects from the current drawing according to the transformation between two CRSs.


Import / Export. New GeoPackage data provider: import or load geospatial data from *.gpkg files. ASCII data provider data fields in tabular format. Identify consecutive delimiters as one.

Dynamic Background Maps. Many groups of preset Background Maps (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, MapBox, etc.) have been expanded and/or improved.

Terrains. Now the Contour labels are optionally Masked.

Coordinate systems. The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 9.8.12 (v10 model)

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