BricsCAD V18 – The All-in-One Solution for General Design, BIM and Mechanical

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The world’s best CAD system just got better with the release of BricsCAD V18.

Bricsys represents the future of the .dwg format, with comprehensive workflows for general design, mechanical design and BIM. Here’s the best part – all of these workflows are available in one product, based on .dwg – the industry standard file format. More importantly, we’re extending the .dwg format with the first fundamental change in .dwg technology in 35 years. Today, this repository-based design enables blazingly fast drawing compares with a unique visual merge feature.

The simplified user interface – including the new Manipulator Widget – will save you precious minutes each hour. In BricsCAD V18, you can access your drawing metadata simply with the improved Drawing Explorer and the new Content Browser, Layout Manager and Structure Panel.

The best design-centric BIM workflow just got better

BricsCAD BIM lets you focus on creativity. Start with simple, expressive design capture tools, and move to BIM on your schedule. Make your design decisions and let your computer do the tedious work for you. BricsCAD BIM leverages advanced machine intelligence functions to simplify the process of creating a Building Information Model.

BricsCAD BIM will automatically classify BIM objects, including their spatial locations. Each room understands where it is located in a building, and knows its 3D boundaries. In V18, linear solids can be auto-classified as beams, pipes, ducts and more – laying the groundwork for structural and building mechanical applications.

3D mass modeling has never been easier. Create fully parametric windows from any closed contour. Parametric arrays give you great flexibility in creating staircases and curtain walls. And greatly improved IFC import capabilities and data extraction tools speed communications across the entire BIM workflow.

Mechanical designers, rejoice!

The power of direct modeling, combined with constraints and parametrics give you ultimate modeling freedom and the precision you need to create complex mechanical parts and assemblies.

Parametric arrays and design tables make short work of both 2D and 3D families of parts. Create easily and quickly design documentation with the tools in BricsCAD Platinum. And the most flexible sheet metal design system available today runs inside of BricsCAD. Create sheet metal parts simply from scratch, or from an existing solid – even from parts imported from other CAD systems.

BricsCAD Communicator imports parts and assemblies from industry standard CAD systems with full fidelity, including product manufacturing information (PMI). You can also export a variety of CAD formats from Communicator, enhancing your ability to collaborate with designers and manufacturers around the globe.

There’s a lot more to V18

The English version of BricsCAD V18 on Windows is available today. Other platforms and languages will be available in the coming weeks.

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