CADPower V18 expands indispensable
functionality for .DWG based CAD

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CADPower is the indispensable productivity tool for every BricsCAD and AutoCAD user. It provides you with over 250+ valuable LISP routines to super-charge your productivity.

What’s new in CADPower V18?

  • Enhanced Command: CP_XTRACT (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> First Set -> Extract from Xref): The CP_XTRACT command is used to extract entities from within a block or an XREF object. This command has been enhanced and improved significantly. You can now extract from XREF/blocks which have been scaled and rotated as well. The only limitation is that you can extract from non-uniform scaled blocks.
    It is also possible to place the extracted object either at the original location or move it interactively to a new location. This behavior is controlled by a new command called CP_XTRACT_SETTINGS, which is available only on the command line. Upon running CP_XTRACT command, the availability of this command is mentioned through a command line message.



  • CP_ATTEDIT (CADPower -> Blocks -> Attribute-related -> Global Attribute Editor)
  • GT_ATTEDIT (GeoTools -> Blocks -> Global Attribute Editor)


This command has been improved, made smarter. The ‘Increment’ and ‘Decrement’ options for the attribute editing function now recognizes the original format of the attribute and smartly guesses whether the value is an integer or real number. If there is a period (.) character, it is taken as a real number and the number of characters following the (.) is taken as the precision. This significantly improves the output and is in line with what most users want.

  • Defect fix and enhancement: GT_XFER_OD_XD (GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Data Convert/Transfer -> Transfer Object Data / Xdata between two objects):
    The operative shortened version of this command GT_XO would run only within AutoCAD Map. This has been fixed. The command now runs inside plain AutoCAD and BricsCAD also.
  • Defect fix and enhancement: CP_REM_XD (CADPower -> Extended Entity Data -> Remove Xdata)

This command has been improved. It will now not exit the dialog box unless you pick atleast one XDATA application name to delete. The previous selection of application names will be remembered and shown as default selected when you start the command again. The reporting of status messages have been improved.

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