BricsCAD and CGS Labs CADD/CAE software
are now available on GSA Advantage

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AERTWORKS® – tensei llc, a leading supplier of affordable desktop, mobile, and cloud based technologies for innovation and design management today announced that BricsCAD and CGS Labs CADD/CAE software solutions are now available on GSA Schedule number GS35F381GA. GSA Advantage® is the one-stop online resource for thousands of federal, state, and municipal employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive selection of government approved products and services.

With a growing need for more affordable CADD/CAE solutions, government agencies will now be able to order BricsCAD®, BricsCAD® BIM, Aquaflood™, Autopath™, and Autosign™ online, at a government favorable discount, directly from GSA Advantage® at

Many firms are switching from AutoCAD® to BricsCAD®, saving thousands of dollars in annual licensing costs with absolutely no adverse impact on quality and productivity. BricsCAD® makes it easy, as there is no learning curve with a familiar user interface. It guarantees 100% native 2D/3D DWG file support and can read, edit, and save AutoCAD® files v2.5 to 2017. BricsCAD® is a lot more affordable with perpetual licenses –not subscriptions- starting at $550 for Classic, $680 for Pro, and $1,020 for Platinum.

Current AutoCAD® users should read the “BricsCAD® vs. AutoCAD® Quick Pitch” at

To try BricsCAD® V17 for Windows, Mac, or Linux free for 30 days click here

Also offered are the following CGS Labs™ engineering products that run on both BricsCAD® and AutoCAD®:

  • Autopath™ for swept path analysis and vehicle turn-in simulation for civil engineers, transportation professionals, architects and urban planners.
  • Aquaflood™ for floodplain analysis and design, enabling data exchange between CAD and “MIKE Powered by DHI”, or CAD and HEC platforms.
  • Autosign™ allows users to place traffic sign assemblies; design road markings and overhead sign supports; build interactive plans of sign placements; and evaluate sign designs in their CAD drawings.

CAD REBEL™ – tensei llc plans to significantly expand its GSA Advantage offering of affordable engineering solutions in the coming months.

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