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IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium

Serge Jonnaert is currently President of the IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium (www.ivdconnectivity.org), a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and encouraging adoption of a unified connectivity standard to reduce the cost and variability of data exchange between instruments, middleware, LIS, and LAS systems in clinical diagnostics laboratories. He is also a Board Member At-Large of IHE International (www.ihe.net).

The IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium has worked with several standards organizations to develop a new interoperability framework that provides plug-n-play connectivity between instruments, middleware, and LIS systems in the laboratory. The resulting IICC standard is documented in the IHE Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW) profile. The LAW profile was recently selected by the European Union to be part of the eHealth European Interoperability Framework (eEIF) and will be the basis for the upcoming Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) AUTO16 standard for Next Generation In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Instrument Interface. The publication of AUTO16 is expected in Q2 of 2017.