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DEEP|6 developed a cutting-edge analytics tool for both structured and unstructured data. Trial enrollment criteria are increasingly complex and require in-depth reviews of patients’ medical records. But 90% of relevant medical information is unstructured and not easily or quickly searched. DEEP|6 Analytics uses artificial intelligence to mine structured and unstructured EHR data, creating multi-dimensional clinical profiles of “patients like this” to find eligible patients at machine speed, cutting recruitment delays significantly and getting cures to people faster.
DEEP|6 Analytics uses artificial intelligence to extract thousands of clinical data points from unstructured data in medical records – symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, genomics, test results, socio-economics, lifestyle and more – to create multi-dimensional clinical profiles. Researchers, analysts and doctors can then find and compare patients, cohorts and populations at machine speed.

DEEP|6 is partnering with Tensei LLC to make this analytics platform available to the IVD, Life Sciences, Pharma, and Healthcare IT communities.