Direct Modeling will Change the Way You Use 3D in BricsCAD V17.2

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Are you considering making the move to 3D? Are you concerned that your team won’t have the time to learn a new tool? Do you spend time worrying about the potential disruption to your business – and your cash flow? We have a solution, and it’s called BricsCAD: all the drafting power, familiar user interface and ease-of-use of industry-leading CAD products, with the simplicity and accuracy of Direct Modeling.

We’ve just released BricsCAD V17.2. It is much more than just an incremental release, and the product offers many new, improved 3D modeling workflows. The best part? All of these workflows work within the industry-standard .dwg file format, and there is no need for your people to learn a new way of working. You’ll find direct modeling workflows in both BricsCAD Pro and our flagship, BricsCAD Platinum. In the blog articles about V17.2 for BricsCAD BIM and BricsCAD Sheet Metal, you’ll find more information about their specific features.

Direct Modeling and Recognizing Design Intent

When modelling in 3D, designers use both dimensional and geometric constraints to refine the accuracy of their models. BricsCAD simplifies this process in two new ways in V17.2. First, BricsCAD allows you to imprint 2D edges and vertices onto 3D surfaces. With direct modeling, you can use this newly created 2D geometry to push and pull your model into new shapes. Also, users can create sets of design intent options in order to guarantee that shared models will behave as you originally intended.

In V17.2, direct modeling makes it easy to push, pull or rotate existing boundaries without an additional, manual imprinting steps. The THICKEN tool can now be applied to regions, and you can extract a set of selected faces from a 3D solid and turn them into a single surface.

Automatic (Generative) Drawing Creation

A massive benefit of modelling in 3D is the automated creation of drawings. In BricsCAD V17.2, the options to generate drawing views from your 3D models has been improved. The Drawing Explorer provides the ability to define styles for section and detail views. You can change the defined style, along with other attributes of your selected views, from the Properties bar.

On the request of our users, we’ve automated the creation of a separate layer for generated hatch patterns in section views. Also, BricsCAD V17.2 will automatically change the hatch angle used to represent adjacent solids in section views.

New Assembly Modeling Tools

Most 3D models consist of more than one part. In an assembly, individual parts are called components. BricsCAD V17.2 adds more power and possibilities when you’re working with component assemblies.

First, users can easily update individual components in an assembly. This saves time versus performing an update on the entire assembly. Now in V17.2, when you replace an inserted component, you will have the option to link thatcomponent to its source file. When you link an inserted component, the inserted instance will update if the external definition file changes.

Pricing and Availability for BricsCAD Platinum V17.2

BricsCAD Platinum V17.2 is a free update to our current V17 Platinum customers. It is available in many languages for the Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. You can download the English version for Windows today. We’ll be releasing additional languages and platforms in the weeks to come.

BricsCAD Communicator Brings All CAD Formats to Your Desktop

Does your work involve customers and vendors that use other 3D CAD systems? You need BricsCAD Communicator! In V17.2, Communicator imports and exports native CAD files from SOLIDWORKS 2017, Autodesk Inventor 2017, NX11 and Solid Edge ST9 from Siemens PLM. BricsCAD Communicator V17.2 also supports XCGM 2017 v1.1.

Additional new functionality includes an installation checker for Communicator, and the ability to import hidden components as hidden entities in BricsCAD.

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