BricsCAD joins buildingSMART to give the .DWG community access to the huge potential of the BIM approach

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by Sander Scheiris

It has always has been our goal to come up with a new intuitive BIM solution, where the model created during the preliminary stage of a project can still be used until the ultimate delivery of the building project. Along that process you should be able to link more data and generate all the necessary documents and reports: 2D sections, details, bill of materials, etc.

The deep integration with the Chapoo modelserver solution allows teams to collaborate. Chapoo synchronizes on demand with what the users check in. It has a 3D viewer allowing to explore the full project to the latest detail for both the geometry as for the data and the link between.

We not only complied for IFC certification but we also decided to become an international member of Building Smart Ltd. Bricsys is a strong believer of the ‘open data” principle.

Today it is no longer acceptable to lock-in users. Software providers have to collaborate and open up all information to all participants of a project. We see it as our responsibility to give the .dwg community access to the huge potential of the BIM approach.

There are hundreds of .dwg based engineering applications for the AEC space. We want to guide them to openBIM. We recently released a set of API’s in order to bring them closer to IFC certification and become part of this openBIM journey. We will continue to help and support them. In reverse this will strengthen the use of the standards created by buildingSMART.

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