CAD REBEL™ announces availability of Spatial Manager™ 3.2

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‘blocks’ enhancements

New Import & Export tools and options for AutoCAD and BricsCAD users who can now take greater advantage of the Blocks information in the drawing.

Importing: the Block names can now be selected according the value of a field, allowing you to automate different Block insertions.

Exporting: you can now opt to Export the Name of the Block references, besides its Attributes, as it can be vital information for the target data table.

Amazing Background Maps in AutoCAD and BricsCAD

The users of AutoCAD (v.2008 and later) or BricsCAD (v.13 and later) will greatly improve their drawings with the amazing “Background Maps” of ‘Spatial Manager’

Choose from among many “Backgrounds Maps” from many providers such as OpenStreetMap, Bing, MapBox, ESRI, and others available today or those that will be available in the future. The user can even configure new Maps sources. Tens of “Background Maps” models are already included in the applications, and they can be adapted to the needs of any cartographic drawing.

This feature was already available in ‘Spatial Manager Desktop’, and the functionality automatically selects the “Background Map” images to download and display depending on the drawing view. The “Background Map” images are automatically updated when the view is modified by zooms, pans, etc.

The “Background Maps” allow the user to not only get more attractive drawings but provide them with a new tool for checking, geo-spatial comparisons, etc.

You can even select any “Background Map” when working in empty drawings and without a “Coordinate Reference System” assigned, which allows access to any area of the planet over a basic cartographic base.

Quick Thematics in AutoCAD or BricsCAD

‘Spatial Manager’ enables AutoCAD and BricsCAD users to create basic Thematic Maps by performing quite simple operations. You may find these tricks suitable for many real cases.