BricsCAD V16.2 greatly enhances User Interface and 3D Modeling

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Bricsys announces the release of a major update to greatly enhance BricsCAD V16, its flagship 3D design software. The innovative CAD system builds on the world standard .dwg format to provide 2D drafting, 3D modeling, sheet metal design, and BIM architecture in a single platform. The update includes improvements in 3D modeling and UI.

Improved User Interface

  • BricsCAD’s unique Quad cursor gains a new tabbed layout designed to give our users faster access to groups within the Quad. Atop the Quad cursor is a new information field that reports data about selected entities or over which the cursor is currently hovering.
  • When the Quad cursor hovers over multiple entities, our users now press the Tab key to cycle them, with the current entity type displayed by the Quad. Holding down the Ctrl key while in selection mode can now be used to highlight sub-entities of associative arrays, mleaders, and polylines.
  • When the new rollover tips function is activated, then the additional properties of the entities are displayed. This is helpful when users need to check properties, such as the lengths of edges on 3D solids.
  • Any length, area, or volume property is now displayed using the preferred units through the new PropUnits variable. The units defined by the InsUnits variable are used as the base units for unit conversions.
  • Hyperlinks contained in drawings are now exported in PDF files.

Greater 3D Usability

  • BricsCAD V16.2 now allows our users to place dynamic UCS on curved faces. Unlike all other CAD systems, DUCS is no longer restricted to flat faces.
  • A new 3dOsMode variable controls entity snapping to various kinds of geometry on 3D solids. Along with BricsCAD’s 3D parametric constraints, the new option is helpful when our users construct and edit 3D solid models.
  • The SectionPlane and BimSection entities are extended with a new Clip Display status.


Pricing and Availability

With BricsCAD you get more for less. Pricing of BricsCAD V16 starts at just $550 for the Classic edition. Other editions and additional solutions offer Sheet Metal design, BIM planning, and 3D data exchange — all based on the .dwg format.

For more information, go to or call 949.259.3807 (6AM – 6PM PST)

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