Bricsys Releases .dwg-based Sheet Metal Designer

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Bricsys is pleased to announce that together with its flagship design software BricsCAD V16, its new sheet metal designer module is being released today. As of BricsCAD V16, the sheet metal functions become an optional module.

New in BricsCAD V16 Sheet Metal

New in BricsCAD V16 are sheet metal parts with lofted surfaces representing smooth transition between two profiles such as lines, polylines, circles, ellipses, arcs, and splines, which are not required to be parallel. Thanks to our unique technology, imported sheet metal parts with lofted bends can be automatically recognized, reworked and unfolded. BricsCAD adds a smooth transition between two profiles, such as between lines and arcs. In addition, BricsCAD offers sheet metal designers a new junction type — full overlap — and two new corner reliefs, V-type and circular.

To visually validate the correctness of sheet metal designs, V16 colors flanges, bends, junctions, and reliefs in different colors. BricsCAD can batch process large numbers of sheet metal parts and assemblies through a new, dedicated LISP API. The LISP scripts produce families of otherwise identical sheet metal parts of different sizes.

BricsCAD previously exported sheet metal parts in .dxf or .osm formats for prepping for CNC programming by JETCAM and LVD systems. With V16, BricsCAD also generates files for CAM systems by CYBELEC and DELEM.

Freeform Surfaces

BricsCAD direct modeling and 3D constraints technology can now be applied to analytical and freeform surfaces. They can be easily created from scratch or imported and reworked. New deformable modeling tools can be used to create complex shapes by moving and replacing their points and edges.

Improved Drawing Generation

The Generate Drawing View function has been reworked completely in V16 to offer sheet metal designers greater control for a great looking outcome. BricsCAD now includes the ability to create correct projections of 3D models, changing the scale factor of views already placed, and toggling the visibility of hidden lines.

To greatly speed up the generation of large number of 2D layouts, BricsCAD V16 now supports styles. These predefine the looks of sections views, section lines, detail views, and detail symbols.

New 3D Data Formats

The optional BricsCAD Communicator module exchanges 3D data with major MCAD programs and neutral formats, such as CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks, STEP, and IGES. In V16, Communicator also imports product structures.
When importing 3D models, BricsCAD V16 automatically heals geometry. You can repair and simplify imported models, as well as stitch disjoint surfaces into a single watertight 3D solid.

In addition, V16 imports SKP file from the conceptual design tool SketchUp, as well as IFC files used by BIM software.

Hundreds of Third-party Applications

Bricsys’ strong relationship with third-party application developers means users have access to more than 400 applications running on top of BricsCAD. Feel free to browse the online app store at

The extensive BricsCAD development platform boasts nine programming interfaces, allowing developers to rapidly port applications from other .dwg-based CAD programs, usually without modifying any source code. To learn more about the easy 1-2-3 process to join and post your add-on software, please visit

Pricing and Availability

The new Sheet Metal module and BricsCAD V16 are for Windows is available today. Additional languages and platforms will be released in the weeks to come. The free download from provides a 30-day trial of all functions.

Pricing of the required BricsCAD V16 Platinum edition starts at €850/$990. The additional Sheet Metal module is available for €250/$300.

To try BricsCAD free for 30 days go to:

For more information, please call 949.259.3807