BricsCAD V15.3, including a BIM database, is now available for download

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Available as of today for download, version 15.3 is an update that offers new and improved features. The update includes a BIM database.

BIM database

The BIM database consists of Building Materials and Compositions, stored in a Project database. A Building Material contains information about one specific material, a Composition contains information about the structure of a building element, by defining Composition layers.


A Composition describes the structure of a Building Element by an ordered set of Composition layers. To each Building Material or Composition, any number of tags can be attached. Tags can be used as a filter on the database.

Multiple BIM Projects

To reuse compositions and building materials across multiple BIM Projects, a Library database can be specified, in addition to the Project database. To maintain and extend BIM databases, users can drag Building Materials and Compositions from one database to the other.


The same flexibility as we offer in modeling, we offer in attaching building information. All BIM database features are accessible from the dockable BIM Compositions panel.

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