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“Sure we can all fit!” i still hear my Dad say as my brothers and I were packed with half a household in the back of the car, the rear axle barely clearing the road surface. Sound familiar?

Luckily we now enjoy the comforts of larger vehicles and for some of us, RVs. Of course, large vehicles pose challenges as well. Instead of optimizing your space utilization inside, you now worry about having enough clearance around you to enter small streets, avoid overhangs and make the right turn-in.

As you navigate a course through small city streets and along country roads, you probably don’t realize the careful engineering that goes into assuring your “safe passage”. The technology used is called Vehicle Swept Path Analysis and is used by civil engineers, urban planners, and traffic designers to simulate the ability of different size vehicles to navigate around stationary objects like intersections, roundabouts, parking lots, gas stations, loading bays, warehouses, and construction sites. The intelligent software can fully account for a vehicle’s speed and steering rate in both forward and reverse vehicle turn maneuvers, and can define an optimal path for different size vehicles, including with trailers.

Here’s a quick video on how it works:


So the next time you make that almost impossible turn without a costly ding or scratch, say a little thank you for the engineer that conducted the vehicle swept path analysis. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and safe travels!

For more information on vehicle swept path analysis with Autopath 2015 go to:

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