Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD now features “Tasks” technology

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Eliminate repetitive, time consuming configuration when importing tables from files, servers or data stores into drawings. Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD V2.2.0 now allows you to define a “Task”, storing all the needed operations and parameters for a specific import process of spatial information. Once the data is saved as a “Task”, you can then run it from the “Task Manager” whenever you need to.

Watch this preview video to learn more about “Tasks”:

Other improvement in Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD V2.2.0 include:

  • New SPMSETCRS function to assign a coordinate reference system to the drawing
  • Automatic assignation of the drawing coordinate system when a new table is imported
  • Automatic assignation of the exported objects coordinate system based on the drawing coordinate system
  • Support for Hyperlinks in the “Properties” area of the application palette
  • Transform by default the objects incoming from geographic coordinate systems (like Google Earth or OpenStreetMap) in order to get projected maps

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