BricsCAD V15.2 update includes major new features and improvements

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The BricsCAD V15.2 release offers the following new and improved features:

Quad Cursor Draws

The function of the unique Quad™ cursor is extended so that it now also draws entities. Users bring up the Quad by clicking the right mouse button to not only modify selected entities, but also place new ones in drawings.

Sheet Metal Junctions

A significant improvement to the sheet metal design facility creates junction features automatically, with BricsCAD supporting several types of junctions.

Junction gaps are automatically preserved, and can be controlled separately by the user. A new system variable defines the target CAM system for unfolding sheet metal parts.

Web Map Service

Map Connect adds correctly located maps to drawings through a connection to a web map service. One or more data layers can be selected for downloading as image files; users can specify the ground resolution and number of tiles into which the data should be divided. The ten most recently used connections are remembered for subsequent sessions. The Geographic Location dialog is redesigned so that users can define and store geographic location data in drawings.

Additional Features

Version 15.2 also offers users the following enhancements, and many more:

  • Basic editing of 3D solid faces containing spline geometry
  • Offset with preview faces of 3D solids as well as detected boundaries.
  • Import 3D data from BIM and SketchUp files
  • Stacked multi-line text settings dialog
  • Support photometric IES files and web-style lights
  • Auto-complete commands by searching for mid-string text

All BricsCAD users with a V15 license can download this major upgrade free of charge from the Bricsys website. For the full list of changes, see the Release Notes section on the Bricsys Web site at