BricsCAD V15 Pro Increasingly Popular for Civil Design

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Costing only $650 for a perpetual license, fully .DWG compatible, with broad API support to quickly port your AutoCAD scripts and add-ons, and now supported by most popular Civil/Road Design applications, BricsCAD V15 is getting the attention of the engineering community. Here are a just a couple of Civil/Road Design applications that run on BricsCAD V15 and are already used by engineering firms in the US:

  • Advanced Road Design – Advanced Road Design is a dynamic road, drainage and site design solution.
  • CGS AutoTURN (Pro 3D) –  Vehicle swept path analysis and turn simulation software in 2D & 3D.
  • CGS AutoPath – Swept path analysis software for analyzing maneuverability and clearance of steered vehicles of all types.
  • CGS Autosign – To easily incorporate traffic signs and road markings into your design plan.
  • Geo-Plus VisionCivil – For powerful calculations, sophisticated design, and advanced analysis.
  • Geo-Plus VisionPlus Software – A fully integrated land surveying environment, combining both COGO calculations and drawing functionality.
  • Spatial Manager for BricsCAD –  import from Google Earth (KML or KMZ), OpenStreetMap (OSM or PBF), Shapefiles (SHP), GPS, Points (many formats), Excel, Access, ESRI ArcInfo, MapInfo, PostGIS, SQL Server, SQLite, and many more geospatial sources.

For the full list of Civil/Road Design applications go to:

BricsCAD V15 is Available Now.

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BricsCAD, more than ever, is a REAL choice.