INQUBI introduces Chapoo, a cloud based platform for secure intra- and inter-company document and design control

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INQUBI (tensei LLC) to focus on highly regulated industries such as medical devices, pharma, aerospace, energy, oil & gas

San Clemente, CA – Monday, October 21, 2013 – INQUBI (tensei LLC) today announced, the ultimate cloud solution for intra- and inter-company document and design control. Chapoo tells you exactly who reviewed, annotated, and signed off on what, when, and why.

With Chapoo, projects are easy to set up and can include large CAD drawing files and related project documents, with customizable, graphical workflows for review, annotation, and approval. They can be tailored to the specific needs of companies in highly regulated environments such as medical devices, pharma, aerospace, and energy, oil & gas with full document history and version control, role based access, detailed audit trails, and the use of templates.

“We are excited about offering the Chapoo service to our customers. It addresses the need for secure document and design control with detailed audit trails between companies, especially in highly regulated industries.” says Serge Jonnaert, Managing Director at INQUBI (tensei LLC). “We are glad to welcome INQUBI (tensei LLC) as an implementation partner for the Chapoo Premium services in the US,” said Mark Van Den Bergh, Chapoo COO.

Pricing for the Chapoo Premium service starts at $1,990/year.

About Chapoo

Chapoo® provides a cloud-based platform for secure intra- and inter-company design control and collaboration with full-featured REST API and an integrated data repository for live queries and reports. The Software-as-a-Service platform is applicable across industries and application domains with proven success in managing complex AEC industry projects. The service allows project managers, designers, engineers and related contributors, whether employees, contractors, suppliers or clients, to manage costs, eliminate waste and improve productivity through better collaboration, communication and coordination. For more information on Chapoo, go to or call (949)259-3807.

About INQUBI (tensei LLC)

tensei LLC provides consulting services as well as markets ideation and design management solutions as part of its INQUBI portfolio. It was recently certified as a partner for the Chapoo Premium Services and provides implementation support and training, including for the design of document structures and workflows. For additional information about INQUBI, visit

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