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Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc* was looking to expand its proficiency testing business. Unfortunately, very few laboratories in emerging markets had fixed line broadband Internet access. They do however have great Mobile Only Internet (MOI) access for consumers. The focus was on enabling user-friendly mobile applications with low data usage.
In 2009 we introduced the concept of [000]. The objective was to develop software that would present a uniform user experience across desktop computers, notebooks, mobile phones, and slates or tablets -even though at that time the iPad was just a rumor- and could be launched with virtually ‘zero’ installation support, training, or after sales support. The first [000] service that was launched was EQAS Online (as well as EQAS Mobile), a web based data management solution for proficiency testing data management in clinical diagnostics laboratories. The approach was proven correct. Since its launch in June of 2012, more than 5,000 labs worldwide have adopted the program with virtually no need for installation assistance, training or support.

Prior to founding tensei llc, Serge Jonnaert was a senior staff member at Bio-Rad Laboratories’ Quality Systems Division, responsible for the industry leading Unity® interlaboratory program, the EQAS® proficiency testing program, and QCNet®, the premier Internet portal for everything related to QC.